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Case Evaluations

At The Law Office of Zhang, we proudly offer case evaluations so that our clients can get advice from an experienced legal advocate. Our free evaluations are only available online. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries our law firm receives from prospective clients, we cannot guarantee a 100% response rate. Before you submit your evaluation request, please read the following carefully:

What Does My Evaluation Cover?

  • An initial assessment of your immigration options based on the information you provide our legal team.
  • An estimate for your legal expenses. This includes attorney fees, filing fees, immigration medical exam, and advertisement fee.
  • If your case is complicated and/or needs further explanation, we will give you a recommendation to our fee-based consultation.
  • If we are unable to take your case, we will refer you to another experienced attorney.

What Cases / Clients Are Ineligible for Our Evaluation Service?

  • EB-5, EB1, EB2 NIW, EB2, EB3, O-1, L-1, E-2 and other complicated immigration cases.
  • RFE and NOID responses.
  • Clients who are currently represented by other attorneys and are seeking a second opinion.

Our evaluation service does not provide any detailed explanation of legal theory or how to fill out a form, nor do we provide any document lists. Free case evaluations do not amount to legal opinion or create an attorney-client relationship, and are not an open-ended process.

How Do I Submit a Request for My Evaluation?

  • Fill out the Contact Us Form at the bottom of our home page. Please DO NOT call the office unless you are ready to schedule a fee-based consultation.
  • In the message body, type “Free Evaluation-Case Type (H-1B, PERM, Marriage-Based Green Card, etc.)” in the 1st line. Please include a description of your situation and your specific questions.
  • DO NOT provide your Social Security number, passport number, or any other sensitive information in the request.

About Our Fee-Based Consultation

Our fee-based consultation is a comprehensive legal consultation where we answer your legal questions, provide you with legal analysis, and form various solutions for your immigration case. Please note, if our office is retained to handle your immigration case within 30 days of the consultation, your consultation fee will be credited towards your attorney fee.

  • In-person: $400/hour
  • Over the phone: $350/hour

What Does My Fee-Based Consultation Cover?

  • We will give you a whole picture of your immigration case, including what visa/green card you qualify for, the requirements of each visa option, and an evaluation of the strength and weaknesses of your current qualifications. We will also discuss ways to improve your likelihood of success and the timeline for your case.
  • If you are already represented by another attorney, we will give you a second legal opinion.
  • We will answer case-specific legal questions if you prepared and filed the case by yourself.

About Our Hourly Fees

  • Attorney rate $679.50/hour
  • Law Clerk rate $250/hour

Contact our office today or schedule an appointment online.

Why Should I Choose a Fee-Based Consultation Over a Free Evaluation?

  • You will get a more detailed picture of your immigration case in terms of success rate, timing, and overall costs.
  • You will receive a more in-depth analysis of the strength and weaknesses of your case and ways to improve your odds.
  • Our attorney will meet with you in person or speak to you on the phone so that you can evaluate our attorney’s knowledge and professionalism to see if she is a good fit for your case.
  • You can get your case-specific question answered or have an attorney give you a second opinion to avoid wasting money and other damages caused by a misfiled case.
  • If you retain our office for your underlying immigration case within 30 days of the consultation, your consultation fee will be credited towards your attorney fee, which means your fee-based consultation was free.

A Pledge to Our Clients

What You Can Expect
  • Experience
    High success rate on complex immigration cases.
  • Personalized Attention
    We posses big firm expertise & deliver small firm personalized attention.
  • Commitment
    We provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process.
  • Efficiency

    Turnaround time for the cases are quick - no time is wasted!

Case Intake Form

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How Do I Schedule a Fee-Based Consultation?

  • Click here to schedule online, or call our office at (415) 761-2732 for staff-assisted scheduling.
  • Provide a phone number and email address for the attorney to contact you for pre-consultation preparation.
  • Our law firm will text or email you to confirm the time, location, and scope of the consultation. We will also let you know what legal documents you need to bring to the consultation.
  • After we confirm your consultation, we will ask you to send a list of your immigration questions and goals for the consultation. We will also conduct considerable legal research to prepare for your consultation.

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