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Managing Attorney Emma Zhang, Esq. has a strong background in venture capital, startup law, and M&A, combined with a specialization in US immigration law. Her experience has placed her in a unique role to serve startups and corporations for all of their business immigration needs.

As an immigrant herself, she has experienced the lengthy and complex immigration process firsthand while chasing the American dream. Now, she provides clients in the San Francisco Bay Area with the thorough, transparent, and step-by-step guidance they need throughout the legal process.

She is known for her high success rate, response time, honesty, and efficiency. The turnaround time for immigration cases is quick and no time is wasted. Attorney Emma Zhang is dedicated to helping her clients succeed.

"I love solving problems for people. Maybe that’s why I became an attorney. I love the complexity of immigration law so I chose to become an immigration lawyer after law school. I worked in one of the largest immigration law firms for years, gaining in-depth experience and specialties in PERM-based EB-2/EB-3 green card applications, H-1B visasL-1 visasEB-1 green card (Multinational Manager, Outstanding Researcher, and Extraordinary Ability), E-2 investment visas, etc. While enjoying ample resources and best practice standards that the large immigration law firm got to offer, I was feeling less connected to the clients and lacking a picture of each client’s unique stories in my head."

Over the years, The Law Office of Zhang has overseen families reunited, small businesses grew into unicorn companies, and talents and experts realized their values in the United States of America.

While it is satisfying to see our clients’ life and business grow, the law firm grows with them. We now proudly manage immigration programs for corporations in all sizes in the greater San Francisco area.

" I listen to each client’s life stories and immigration problems and provide a customized plan to reach their immigration goal."

"Nothing is comparable to the joy I have when I see the case approval notice mailed in because I know what it means to each client and where it fits in their future life chapters."

"Fun facts about me: I love martial arts and practice boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu and Wrestling. I almost made a professional boxer when I was 16 years old. I also love traveling and have visited 5 continents."

Emma Zhang

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